Online writing jobs for stay at home moms (best 2021)

So far if you have gone through my blog, I know you have learned how Stay-at-Home Moms are making money online, and one of them is online writing jobs.

Without any doubt, there are some Stay-at-Home Moms out there who are earning six figures on article writing.

You too can be one of them but you need to start somewhere, and this article is one of the greatest pieces of information you need.

How Stay-at-Home Moms can earn money writing article

In this article you will be able to know how Stay-at-Home Moms can earn money writing article, the best companies that are offering article writing jobs to Stay-at-Home Moms, how are they applying article writing jobs and help you build a solid basis for article writing without further ado let go straight to business

They are millions of blogs and websites on the internet. For those blogs to be indexed by Google so as to be visible by searchers, you are required to add phrases. Those phrases are the ones called articles.

How to write a good article

The following are things your article should contain

  • Title

Always make sure your story has a catchy heading which is impressive to readers. Never use cap titles for clients, for example, HOW TO WRITE ARTICLES. Always use title case for example How to Write Articles

  • Introduction Paragraph

Highlight what the reader will get in the article

  • Body

The body is the main part of the topic

  • Conclusion

Set the last paragraph to summarize your main points and end with a call to action.

Where do we get article writing jobs?

They are two ways you can get article writing jobs

  • Bidding sites like freelancer, Upwork
  • Non-bidding sites like Iwriter, Fivver

Find out more companies hiring Stay- at- Home Moms

Let start off non-bidding sites

The reason why I’ve started on non-bidding sites they don’t require bidding, you choose which article to write and is easy to beginners.

Starting off at Iwriter is one of the best non-binding sites. Most writers start here since the opening account is free. Benefits of opening account on Iwriter:

  • No bidding required. You only pick an article of your choice and the topics that you understand. Then go ahead on writing.
  • Money is paid into your account once your articles are approved. Iwriter is not like those other writing platforms where you require mediators to get paid. Middlemen can tell you your articles were not accepted while it wasn’t, and you have no way to prove.
  • You have control over your working hours. You choose the right time when you are comfortable to write an article. Does that sound good to stay at home moms?
  • You choose when to be paid weekly, every two weeks or monthly
  • If you provide quality work, it attracts special requests which pay more

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How to open an account

Go to and register your detail as soon as you register you become a standard writer and your account is verified. Then you take a simple grammar test.

Click on “Write Content” scroll down to select the article that you can write. At this stage, you can only write a standard article. Once you choose the article to write, click on “Plus sign” to see more details of the article and special instruction from the client.

If you’re comfortable with his requirements, then click on “Write Article.”

Note that you’ll be asked to write via IWriter. If you choose to write outside IWriter, use Notepad and not MS Word since Notepad does not change any formatting. After using Notepad, you can proofread it with MS Word (don’t add any spacing when you paste it into Word) then paste back to notepad before pasting again to IWriter. If this is too difficult, just write directly on IWriter.

Submit your article on time

How much can you earn?

Writers are classified in 3 categories, and the rating parameter for each article is 1 to 5 stars.

  • Standard writers (this where you begin once you register) with below a 4.0 rating earn about $2.43 (sh194.40) for a 500-word article.
  • Premium writers (you move from standard writer to premium writer once your article gets more than 30 ratings of 4.0 and above) with a 4.0 and above rating earn about $4.46 (sh356.80) for 500 words.
  • Elite writers with a 4.6 and above rating earn about $8.10 (sh648) for a 500-word article.

Note you can only be promoted from the standard writer category after the first 30 articles.

Iwriter pays via PayPal once you reach a minimum of $20. The money is credited to your Iwriter account before deposited into your PayPal account. So you need to open PayPal account to receive cash

If you do not already have a PayPal account; you can open one on

Tips to help you move from standard level to premium level

  1. Evaluate Requester information

Every article has great information about the requester. Choose articles with an approval rate of 70% and above. You can’t choose one with an approval rate of 20% and expect a miracle! Another thing to consider is a requester review with four stars and above. Also, choose an article with a short approval wait time if you want your work to be reviewed fast

  1. Avoid copy and paste

Try and submit original work.

  1. Write at night

Iwriter has more work at night that daytime and more on weekdays that weekend. So organize your schedule and work mostly at night

  1. Give Attention to Special Instructions

Choose articles with brief special instruction. Those with the whole page of instruction keep away from; .as it is easy to make mistakes and get rejected. Also, choose articles which need to be written in a friendly tone. Friendly tone articles are easier to write than those of a professional tone.

  1. Write a short and simple article

To move to the next level fast go for short articles. Those articles that require 300 words and below

  1. Patience and Persistence

Write a few quality articles that you understand well and earn some good money and be patient as you move next level steadily.


Fiverr is a freelancing site where freelancers sell their services for $5. Those services are called gigs. Except for writing articles, this is a site you can freelance anything like singing, graphic, and many others.

How to open an account


Sign up

Go to seller

Click Create new gigs you can create a gig about anything you are familiar with.

Fill in the required details

How does it operate?

The best thing about Fiverr, Freelancer put up their gigs, the client picks the one they want and buy. You make your money.

Fiverr has level once you create an account you start at level 1, If your gig is attractive, you are promoted to level 2.

Once you are promoted from level 1 to level 2, you start charging your gigs above $5

Advantages of opening account on Fiverr

  • You can sell anything including physical goods or birthday songs in your native language.
  • Once you get to level 2, you earn more money above $5
  • You decide what to earn for example if you write 1000 words article for $5 you can change that and write 500 words article for $5.


  • It takes longer to receive payment once your gig is approved. It takes about two weeks to receive your cash.
  • Sales vary. This month you can get sales next month end up having no sales.

Read out more about how to increase sales and make more money on Fiverr here.

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Bidding sites

After starting off on non-binding sites consider diversifying on bidding sites. Bidding sites provide additional opportunity to article writer. Although this is not easy for beginners, the number of freelancers is higher than the jobs available, leading to stiff competition.

Freelancer and Upwork are most commonly known bidding sites. The best thing to open an account is free.

How to open Upwork account

Visit and create the account on category section select “Writing and Translation Category.” Ensure your profile is complete and updated with the required information. Make sure your cover letter is impressive.

Once you are done creating the account, search for a job, set your price to standard price or something lower but remember to consider customer budget. Evaluate client information if you are okay with instruction bid for the job.

Do you want to make more money on Upwork then this book will help you to increase your monthly income

Dominate Upwork

Hack Upwork

 Tips to help you become a greater writer
  • Read a lot

If you want to become the best writer you need to read a lot.

  • Increase your submission speed

Once you begin writing, you start at low-speed, but when you get used to, your research and typing speed start improving. You can increase your typing speed by learning some typing lessons.

  • Do not submit work with poor grammar

You will never get a writing job if you present work with poor grammar, polish your writing skills if you want to become a freelance writer.

  • Do not submit plagiarism work

Plagiarism is to copy a word from the source and paste it on your articles exactly the way it is. Use plagiarism software to detect your job any plagiarism errors. If you don’t have money to invest in plagiarism software, I advise you never repeat five words in a row from the source.

  • Adhere to client instruction

Make sure you follow customer instruction. You might be a greater writer but if you don’t follow client instruction you can get dismissed.

Do you write articles? Feel free to share some more tips if you have any in a comment section below. Also, share this post with all your friends to learn more about article writing.

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