Stay at home mom schedule (simple and easy to follow)

A stay-at-home mom schedule is a written, detailed plan that outlines the tasks and responsibilities of a stay-at-home mother. It can be used to organize time and activities for the day, week, or month.

This type of schedule is often used by mothers who do not have an outside income or who are unable to find childcare for their children.

stay at home mom schedule

What is the Purpose of a Stay-at-Home Mom Schedule?

The main purpose of a stay-at-home mom schedule is to help them manage their time so they can spend more quality time with their children and do household chores without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out.

A stay-at-home mom’s schedule is different for every person. It depends on the number of children, their ages, your work schedule, and other factors. The following is a general idea of how to best divide up your time as a stay-at-home mom.

One way of making this easier is by dividing the day into manageable chunks. For example, you could divide the day into morning, afternoon, and evening. This will allow you to plan your day ahead of time so that you know when certain tasks need to be completed in order for them not to pile up at the end of the day.

My personal stay-at-home mom schedule

 5:30 Am        

Wake up and prepare breakfast

5:45 Am         

Take breakfast together with my husband

5:55 Am         

My husband leaves home to go to work

6:00 Am        

Back to sleep for 30 minutes (I always tell moms that naps in between make your body feel relaxed and fresh to work for the next hours).

6: 30 Am        

I wake up make my bed and have a bath for 15 minutes.

6: 45 Am  

Read the Bible, meditate, and pray.

8:00 Am

I am ready to work on my blog at 8 a.m. Blogging is my full-time job. You can check online for jobs, crafts, surveys to do at home, or businesses you can do at home as a stay-at-home mom and earn money.

10:00 am        

I take my 10 a.m. snack as I relax my mind.

10:30 am

Go back to my blogging job

12:45 pm

Take lunch for 30 minutes.

1:30 pm

At this time, I am tired of working on the blog and want to get off the computer.

At I start doing house chores.

I start by washing my clothes. It only takes 30 minutes since I do laundry daily. After finishing washing clothes, I clean the bathroom, which takes 10 minutes. I clean my bathroom daily after doing laundry.


Clean your utensils for 15 minutes.

2:30 pm

Wipe the house. I also wipe my house daily, so it takes less than 30 minutes.

3:00 pm

I take a walk around the estate as I buy supper. I term this an exercise.

At this time I can also do simple exercises like skipping using a rope or plank.

When I don’t go for a walk, I do simple home exercises for 15 minutes. For the other 30 minutes, I read a book.


I am back home from a walk. I check my blog’s social media accounts (Pinterest and Facebook). This is the best time to market my content on social media and create a pin to post on my Pinterest account.

I work on social media for 1 hour and 45 minutes. I also chat with friends.

5:45 pm

I start preparing supper.


My husband is back from his job.


Take dinner together and spend time together.

8:30 pm

I read and prepare tomorrow’s to-do list. I can read a bible or a book. There are books for stay-at-home moms you can read.

Before I sleep, I make sure my husband’s outfit for tomorrow is ready. This makes my morning less stressful.

10:30 pm          Sleep time

On the weekend, I alter the schedule. I never wake up early since my husband is at home. I usually wake up at 8 a.m.

Also, on the weekends, I don’t work on my blog. I create time for my family and me-time.

Sometimes on the weekends, I can do general house cleaning or have fun with my girlfriends.

My above daily stay-at-home mom schedule worked until I had my firstborn. It is more flexible and easy to follow.

Read my other stay-at-home mom’s schedule.

So moms make a schedule and try to stick to it.

To make sure that you don’t get overwhelmed with all the tasks at hand, it’s important to know how to prioritize them in order of importance. For example, tasks like cooking breakfast or lunch should be done first before cleaning

Let’s meet in the comment section as you share your daily Stay at home mom schedule.

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