Stay at home mom schedule (simple and easy to follow)

I am a full-time stay-at-home mom who works from home. (on this blog). I don’t have house help and I attend all house chores alone (no washing machine, dishwasher, or vacuum cleaner). Now you understand I do all house chores manually. Attending all the house chores and working at home have been easy and achievable because am having a simple stay at home mom schedule.

stay at home mom schedule

Most Stay-at-Home Moms will surely tell you that it’s not an easy task to work at home and attend all house chores at the same time you be productive. To me, it has been easy and productive all because I have a schedule that I strictly follow.

As I’ve mentioned in my post how to be a Successful Stay at Home moms what makes you achieve your goal and do things that you passionately love is to have a schedule.

Many are times when moms ask me how do I structure my day to achieve what I’ve set for a day, my answer has been they must have a schedule, and that’s why I decided to write an article on a simple stay-at-home mom schedule.

Here is my simple stay at home mom schedule that you can follow. At this time I was newly married no child. As you continue reading you will find links of my schedule with an infant, toddler, and kid.

 5:30 Am        

Wake up and prepare breakfast

5:45 Am         

Take breakfast together with my husband

5:55 Am         

My husband leaves home to go to work

6:00 Am        

Back to sleep for 30 minutes (I always tell Moms naps in between makes your body feel relaxed and fresh to work for next hours).

6: 30 Am        

I wake up make my bed and have a bath for 15 minutes.

6: 45 Am  

Read bible, meditate and pray.

7:30 Am

Start working on my blog. I work on this blog it’s my bread and butter. You can check online jobs, crafts, surveys to do at home, or business you can do at home as a Stay at home mom and earn money.

10:00 am        

I take my 10 am snack as I relax my mind.

10:30 am

Go back to my blogging job

12:45 pm

Take lunch for 30 minutes.

1:30 pm

At this time I am tired working on blog and get off the screen. I start doing house chores.

I start by washing clothes it only takes 30 minutes since I do laundry daily. After finishing washing clothes I clean the bathroom it takes 10 minutes. I clean my bathroom daily after doing laundry


Clean utensils for 15 minutes

2:30 pm

Wipe the house. I also wipe my house daily so it take less that 30 minutes.

3:00 pm

Take a walk around the estate as I buy supper. I term this as an exercise.

At this time I can also do simple exercises like skipping using a rope or plank.

At times when I don’t go for a walk. I do simple home exercise for minutes the other 30 minutes I read a book


I am back home from a walk. I check my blog’s social media account (Pinterest and Facebook). This is the best time I market my content in social media, create a pin to post on my Pinterest account (

I work on social media for 1 hour 45 minute. I also chat with friends.

5:45 pm

I start preparing supper.


My husband is back from job


Take dinner together and spend time together.

8:30 pm

I read and prepare tomorrow’s to-do list. I can read a bible or a book. There are books for stay-at-home moms you can read.

Before I sleep, I make sure my husband’s outfit for tomorrow is ready. This makes my morning less stressful.

10:30 pm          Sleep time

On the weekend I alter the schedule I never wake up early since my husband is at home I usually wake up at 8 am.

Also, in the weekend, I don’t work on my blog. I create time for my family and me-time.

Sometimes in the weekend I can do general house cleaning or have fun with my girlfriends.

My above daily stay at home mom schedule worked until I had my firstborn. It is more flexible and easy to follow.

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Important of a schedule

  • Schedules help the day run smoothly.
  • They also help accomplish your daily goals.

So Moms make a Schedule and try to stick to it.

Let’s meet in the comment section as you share your daily Stay at home mom schedule.

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