Simple Stay Home Moms Schedule

Simple Stay Home Moms Schedule

I am a Stay at Home Moms of two kids for five years and one year. I work from home on my blog ( how to start a blog from scratch and why moms should start a blog ).I don’t have house help, I attend house chores and look after my kids alone. But having Simple Stay Home Moms Schedule have helped me handle everything alone

Most Stay at Home Moms like me will surely tell you that it’s not an easy task to work at home and look after children especially if you have kids who are five years and below. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find an hour to do things that you passionately love.

As I’ve mentioned in my post how to be a Successful Stay at Home moms what makes you achieve your goal and do things that you passionately love is to have a schedule.

Many are times when moms ask me how do I structure my day to achieve what I’ve set for a day, but always answer them they must have a schedule, and that’s why I decided to write  an article on  a simple stay at home mom schedule

Note that my Simple Stay Home Moms Schedule keeps on changing since my baby has grown and changed.

 Simple Stay Home Moms Schedule

Here is the Simple Stay Home Moms Schedule for mom of 5 years and one year kid that is working for me now

5:30 am              wake up and prepare breakfast

5:45 am               take breakfast together with my husband

5:55 am               my husband leaves Home

6:00 am               I do one or two of this 14 Simple Things a Stay-at-Home Mom Needs To Do for Herself Every Day

6:45 am                I wake up and wake my five-year-old son.

6:50 am                my son takes breakfast, and my daughter is up for breastfeeding

7:00 am                prepare my child to go to school

7:20 am                takes my son to school

7:35 am                back from school and make breakfast for my one-year-old daughter

8:00 am               baby naps (if your child has a sleeping problem this book can help you On Becoming Baby Wise )

8:10 am               back to my online jobs, I work on my blog since my daughter will sleep for two hours (check online jobs you can do at home)

10:00 am             baby wakes, and she eats her breakfast. My self I take 10:00 am snacks.

11:00 am             cleaning time. This the time I do laundry, it takes one hour since I do laundry daily

11:40 am              Give my daughter a fruit and continue with cleaning the house

12:45 pm              my daughter take a bath and dress up.

1 pm                      we take lunch

1:30 pm                baby nap me too I take 45-minute naptime

2:15 pm                wake up and do my online jobs

3:45 pm               baby wakes up, and I give her snack

4:00 pm              pick my son from school as I buy supper and the following day snacks and fruits

4:30 pm              my son baths; he takes snack and tea

5:00 pm              we do homework as I prepare dinner

7:30 pm               Kids eat dinner

8:00 pm              my husband and I eat dinner, clean the dishes

9:00 pm              children sleep and tidying the house

9:15 pm              I work on my blog, I read Books for Stay-at-Home Mom or business books, prepare tomorrow to-do list

11:00 pm            Sleep time

Schedules help the day run smoothly. They also help accomplish your daily goals. So Moms make a Schedule and try to stick to it

Let’s meet on comment section as you share your daily schedule.









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