Perfect Home Office Ideas for Women in a Small Space

How do you make a home office in a small space? A home office is always a good idea but creating one in recent modern houses where space is limited is not easy. In this article find out simple home office ideas for Women.

home office ideas for women

We always think we need ample space and spare room to create a home office. That is not true. Any space in your house can be transformed into a home office. Those places need to be work-friendly, functional, beautiful, and efficient.

Important of a home office for women

The home office plays an important role in every member of the family.

  • The home office is a space dedicated to everyone who works at home or wants to finish uncompleted work at home.
  • You can use the home office to sort bills, sort emails, and organize your schedule.
  • Kids can use a home office to do homework.

Here are 10 home office ideas for women

#1. One corner of your house

Home office in corner

The corners are the areas that we overlook in our houses. You can just buy an L-shaped desk that will fit in one of your house corners and turn your house corner into a home office.

The Best L-shaped desk I can recommend is Mr. IRONSTONE L Shaped Desk

Mr. IRONSTONE L Shaped Desk is Constructed with a thick metal frame and P2 MDF board which is more durable and sturdier with a better load capacity. The P2 MDF board has a textured surface that is easy to clean, anti-scratch, and non-skid.

It has ample room for your legs and a large space that supports up to 3 monitors and computers.

#2. Home office ideas for women in Hallway/corridor

The corridor is one of the ideal areas to create a home office.

To make it look attractive, you can add patterned wallpaper; wall-mounted shelves, a fold-down desk, and a chair.

The DlandHome 31.5 Inches Small Folding Computer Desk for Home Office is one of the desks I can recommend for the hallway and corridor.

The best-patterned wallpaper I can recommend is NuWallpaper NU2394 Treetops Peel Stick Wallpaper

This wallpaper features a beautiful tree.

It leaves no sticky residue on a wall making it ideal for the rental house.

The wallpaper is a size 20.5-in x 18-ft roll that covers about 30.75 sq. ft.

#3. Home office ideas for women on a few inches of a wall

vertical wall home office

I don’t think there is a home that doesn’t have vertical wall space available.

You can wall space to build shelves to keep books, files, and other items right above the ceiling.

If not so you buy a wall-mounted fold-down desk, you will be placed when you want to work and fold when not in use.

The MM MELISEN Wall Mounted Folding Table is ideal for such spaces.

MM MELISEN Wall Mounted Folding Table

This table is made of natural pine wood that has a clear texture and is not easily deformed.

It folds down to the wall using a simple fingertip-release mechanism. After folding you see the beautiful table surface instead of the hardware.

To make the wall office look attractive, add patterned wallpaper.

#4. Home office ideas for women on a bedside table

Bedside table

You can use the bedside table as your home office. Use the table to place the computer.

 You can also add a cabinet beneath the table where you will be keeping documents and files.

The best bedside table that has everything that you require as a home office is Cyclysio bedside table

The table comes with a lifting top and plugs and 2 USB ports that are used for charging.

The height of this bedside table is about 35 Inches which is perfect for your California king-sized bed making it ideal for adult height.

It has a large nightstand with 2 storage drawers. The nightstand is equipped with 20 colors of light strips, you can be manually controlled the color as you like by the remote controller (included) or your phone by Bluetooth.

#5. Home office ideas for women in Kitchen area

The kitchen area is the best area for Stay-at-Home Mom to create a home office. You can cook your food as you do your work.

You can watch your kid doing the homework while you prepare supper

#6. Home office ideas for women in the dining room

 It is the best space to use as a home office. Most dining rooms have comfortable chairs and a table where you can work.

#7. Home office ideas for women under the stairs

Home office under the stairs

A small space beneath the stairs can be transformed into a real office space

#8. Home office ideas for women in an extra closet

Each room in a house has a closet where we can keep stuff or clothes.

You can clean one and create a great office.

The shelves in the closet can be used to store books or files

Remove the door and add good light, a table, and a chair.

A Simple Designs LD1003-BLK Basic Metal Flexible Hose Neck Desk Lamp is ideal for placing in the closet. The hose neck lamp has a small base that will occupy limited space.

#9. Home office ideas for women in a sitting area

Do you have a small space in your living room where you can add a chair and a desk? That is enough space to create your home office.

You can also add a slim desk and chair behind the couch.

#10. Home office ideas for women in your bedroom

Home office in bedroom

Nowadays the bedroom is not only used for sleeping but can also be used as an office.

If you have space in your bedroom where you can fit in a desk (a small desk like the one from Tribesigns), a chair considers it a great space to create your home office.

#12. Home office ideas for women in your laundry room

Home office in laundry room

Most laundry rooms have extra space where you can add a small desk and chair and turn it into a workstation.

#13. Portable laptop table

LapGear Home Office Lap Desk

A portable laptop table can be placed on top of a couch or bed and used as a home office.

You don’t have to create a space just place it beside the couch or bed. Use a bed or couch as a chair or buy an ergonomic chair.

The best portable laptop desk is Tatkraft Like Portable Laptop Desk 

You can work with the table in any position you want because the laptop tray can be tilted 160° and rotated 360°.

The height can be adjusted to anywhere between 27.6 to 39.2 inches (70-99.5cm)

The laptop tray is suitable for 7-17″ laptops and a large mouse pad: is 8″-10″ (21x25cm)

#14. Make use of the cupboard

Open the cupboard door and transform one shelf into a home office.

#15. Dressing table

Dressing table as a working desk

A dressing table can double as a working desk to place your book or laptop.

You are only required to add a chair.

#16. Loft bed

Use the area under the loft bed to place a desk and chair.

Check this Cotoala Twin Size L-Shaped Bunk Bed and Loft bed with Built-in Middle Staircase, 3-in-1 Convertible Wood Bedframe with Desk and Storage Case

Home office ideas for women

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