Professional House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

No one likes to clean the house, but it is necessary to keep it clean. If you don’t know where to start, check out these professional house cleaning tips and tricks.

House cleaning tips

Here are some house cleaning tips

Tip 1: Have a cleaning schedule

One of the best tips for a clean house is to make sure that you are cleaning it regularly. One way to do this is to set up a schedule and stick with it.

When you have a list of things or tasks to do each and every day, you become productive, and you get things done the right way and right time.

Write down the list of daily areas in the house that need to be cleaned daily, weekly, or monthly.

Another reason why I suggest you have a cleaning schedule is cleaning a whole house at the same time is overwhelming especially if you are a busy mom or Stay-at-Home. It becomes easier when you do a little bit each day. 

For example, you can set aside three days to do laundry, and another day you clean one bedroom or table room. At least each day set a duty you can attend to and do it thoroughly.

Tip 2: Delegate duties

This applies to the mom who has children. If you have kids who are between 3 to 5 years, make sure they assist in some duties at home like putting their toys into the toys basket.

If you have kids who are above five years of age, they can help with some duties like cleaning utensils, loading and unloading dishwashers, and folding clothes.

Learn to assign duties to your children and thus makes them responsible and hardworking.

Age-appropriate tasks for children 

Also, you can request your husband to help you with some duties at home that he is capable of doing.

Tip 3: put everything into place

Keeping toys, books, magazine, clothes, and utensils in the right place make the house look organized, easy to manage, and easier to clean.

If it’s dirty clothes, put them in the laundry basket but not on the floor. The clean clothes hang on the hangers, fold others and place them in enclosed cabinets but don’t put them on top of the bed.

Set aside a particular space in the house that is a toy area or have a large toy box in a room for organizing your toys. Having toys organized makes the cleaning process easier. Also, make the kids responsible to return the toys to their designated areas.

Tip 4: After dinner clean-up

Make a habit of creating ten minutes before you go to bed cleaning to put everything into place. Put toys into their designated areas and books on their shelves. Don’t leave things on the floor or lying on the sofa set.

Tip 5: Clean during nap time, after dinner, or after lunch

The best time for Stay-at-Home moms to do the cleaning is during nap time.

If your child can feed herself or play by himself take advantage of that time to do the cleaning in areas like the kitchen or sitting areas.

Tip 6: set a timer

Within one hour you can do a lot. Check how to clean the house in one hour.

When cleaning set a timer to evaluate how many minutes you take to clean the bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, and sitting area.

At least you will be able to know how long you take in cleaning your house and also motivates you.

Tip 7: Multitasking

When you are listening to music on the radio or watching the news on the TV you can at the same time fold clothes and iron clothes.

If you are using the phone, you can put on an earphone and put it in your pocket and attend to some duties like cleaning the house, preparing supper, and hanging clothes.

Tip 8: clean the bathroom and shower after bathing

When I shower, I consider cleaning molds and mildew.

I also clean the bathroom wall as I bathe, so I never create a day for that, and my bathing area remains clean all through.

Even though I don’t consider doing it daily, I can clean maybe after two or three days.

Tip 9: Request everyone entering the house to take off their shoes at the front door

Make sure anyone who enters your house takes off their shoes at the front door. It helps keep off dirt and other contaminants outside your home.

Tip 10: when doing laundry consider bleach alternative

Laundry is one of the most time-consuming and cumbersome tasks especially if clothes have stains.

Don’t waste most of your time scrubbing stained clothes to get rid of stains instead use multi-purpose bleach.

You can use bleach alternatives they make white clothes whiter, get rid of stains, and make colored clothes brighter.

Tip 11: Have cleaning tools ready

When cleaning the house ensure that you have all the tools that help to make cleaning easier. The tools you will need:

Tip 12: Find duties that need to be done now or can wait later

Mom will agree with me you can spend the whole day cleaning the house. You can make clean-up easier by prioritizing your schedule.

Some tasks require immediate attention; others can be done after three days, after a week, or twice a month.

Just look around your house and decide which tasks need to be done daily, weekly, and monthly. With that in mind will make cleaning easier.

Tip 13: Clean a few minutes daily

Setting aside the whole day cleaning your entire house can be tiresome, overwhelming, and boring.

What makes cleaning easier and enjoyable is creating a few minutes daily to do jobs that require a few minutes to be completed.

Read how to clean your whole house in sixty minutes 

Tip 14: Donate and dump what you don’t need

One of the best ways to lessen clutter is to give those things in your house that you are not using anymore such as old toys, clothes you no longer wear, and other items. If the item is spoilt or beyond repair, put it in the dustbin and dump it.

 Don’t plan a day to pick those items that are no more in use instead pick the things you don’t need as you clean.

For example, when it’s time to fold or hang clean clothes choose the one you don’t use and donate.

As you clean, the toys that are broken or are no longer in use put them somewhere you can dispose of or give them.

Tip 15: Load rooms like the bathroom and kitchen with dispensers

Load the bathroom and kitchen with all-purpose dispensers.

In my bathroom, near the sink, I have mounted an automatic soap dispenser for quick spot cleaning, and on the toilet I have flushable wipes.

There you have house cleaning tips that make the cleanup easier? Let me know in the comment section below what I’ve left out.

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14 Best house cleaning tips for Stay-at-Home Mom to make the cleanup easier

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