Pros and cons of being a stay-at-home mom

In the past, stay-at-home mothers were considered to be a waste of resources. They were not considered productive members of society because they did not have a job outside the home. The benefits of staying at home were not always clear. They were a mixture of loneliness, boredom, and frustration with the lack of opportunity. The perception has changed over the years, and stay-at-home moms are now seen as valuable members of society who contribute in different ways. However, there are certain pros and cons of being a stay-at-home mom.

Pros and cons  of being a stay-at-home mom

There are many pros and cons of being a stay-at-home mom. Here are a few.

Pros of being a stay-at-home mom

#1: Take good care of kids

No one can give your baby the best treatment she needs. The caregiver may not bother if a child eats dirt from the floor.

Daycare has a large number of children who need attention.

As a stay-at-home mom, you will supervise your child’s care and make sure they are in a safe environment.

Both working moms and stay-at-home moms will agree with me that motherhood is the best thing a woman ever experiences in life. Nowadays, getting a good nanny, babysitter, daycare center, or caregiver is a miracle. So such a situation forces most moms to choose to stay at home to care for their children, but other mothers do it by choice.

#2. Learn the difference between wants and needs

Now that you are a stay-at-home mom, you don’t bring home huge paychecks anymore, so you are on a strict budget or relying on one income. This makes moms learn to spend their money wisely. This is when you learn the difference between needs and wants.

#3. Have time with your family

Although stay-at-home moms are busy all day, the best thing is that you don’t have deadlines to meet. Your schedule gives you time to spend with the kids or people you love.

#4. Less expense

Since you are in the house more, there is no need to employ someone to take care of the children or attend to house chores. Even if you work from home, you can do housework in your free time.

Also, you are not commuting from one place to another to go to work. This helps save transportation money.

#5. Discover new career possibilities

Most stay-at-home moms feel that it is hard to re-enter the workforce or that their career will fall too far behind after being at home with kids, but this is an opportunity to explore what other skills or careers you can try.

I’ve heard most moms say they discovered their talents or another career different from the one they studied at college when they were staying-at-home moms.

Most of them have become successful in that rather than what they studied in college.

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#6. You don’t have work-related stress

When you are a stay-at-home mom, you are no longer worried about work deadlines, giving the boss an explanation of why your work is not done, seeking permission for a day off, or attending an occasion.

#7. You are the master controller of the family schedule

You run all the house duties, like cleaning, paying bills, and taking the kids everywhere they need to go.

Cons of being a stay-at-home mom

#1: Lack of income

If you were working before becoming a stay-at-home mom and making real money, you would experience a decline in income. Therefore, the loss of individual financial independence robs you of your freedom and flexibility to choose. Remember, finances are the main cause of family breakups.

But this can be solved; there are many ways that you can earn as a stay-at-home mom. This idea means working part-time while looking after your children.

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#2. Lack of financial stability

As a stay-at-home mom, you become completely financially dependent. Although most moms’ economic insecurities become secondary once their baby arrives, what if something bad happens to your spouse (death, divorce, or being fired from the job)? Will you be able to rebuild yourself later?

Remember, for you to be a successful stay-at-home mom put your foot into the working world. Look for jobs you can do part-time while looking after your kid.

#3. Lack of new job skills

Since you are no longer working, your career will fall apart. If you decide to return to the workforce, you won’t be able to continue in your same position after a long break. Furthermore, if your skills are outdated in comparison to those of other applicants, it may be difficult to find work.

While you are still at home, you can take online courses to further your skills, and after your kids reach school age, you could return to school to make your skills compatible with your new jobs.

Also, now is the time to explore other career opportunities or discover other talents than the ones you studied in college since you are no longer working.

#4. More housework

Now that you are a stay-at-home mom, you are responsible for all house chores. So you are the master of your house, even if you fall sick, you still have to gather your energy to take care of your kids and house chores.

House chores never end; you can end up repeating the same job, but always have your daily schedule and learn to delegate some responsibilities to your kids if they are old enough to help.

Also, if you are making some money while at home, consider hiring someone to assist you with other house chores.

#5. No day off

You don’t have a day off when you are sick. You have to gather your energy to feed your little one or do simple cleaning.

#6. Life becomes boring

Just imagine repeating the same chores every day: cleaning the house, doing laundry, taking care of your little one, and cooking. Sometimes it becomes so boring to repeat the same schedule.

#7. You don’t have time for yourself

Do you know how housework never gets done? You start your day cleaning or taking care of the children, so you do not have a single minute for yourself.

Sometimes, you cannot go to the bathroom alone.

#8. Unrecognized job

I don’t think there is a time when society will recognize that being a stay-at-home mom is a job like any other. Others go to the extent of saying there are not idle people like stay-at-home moms or asking what they do the whole day.

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I haven’t exhausted the list; if you have any additional thoughts on the pros and cons of being a stay-at-home mom, please share them in the comments section.

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