10 The Truth About Being Stay-at-Home Mom

Many people talk more about Stay-at-Home Mom, and yet they have never been one.  They rely on what they hear a Stay-at-Home Mom does this, do those and blah.

 As a Stay-at-Home mom for five years I’ll share life and the truth about being a stay at home mom

#1 Stay-at-Home Mom work

I always get this question what do Stay- at – Home Mom do all day.  Most working mom argues they clean, cook, go shopping and take care of their family as Stay-at-Home Mom does.

The society doesn’t recognize being Stay-at-Home Mom as a job because it doesn’t take place in professional or is not a paid a job

The truth is except attending house chores and looking after the kids there are jobs that Stay-at-Home Mom do.

Nowadays Stay-at-Home Mom do online jobs at home, makes crafts at home and sell at a profit, start a home based business and make a handmade product and sell.

I am a Stay-at-Home Mom, and I earn at home as an article writer and I work on my creative mom’s web blog daily is that not work.

#2 Stay – at – Home Mom don’t have leave day

Working mom has annual leave but being Stay-at-Home Mom, you work all the days of your life. Even if you hire a nanny or a house help you will find yourself attending to house chores.

#3 Stay – at – Home Mom repeat the same duty every day

Except for those moms who work at home mom and earn some money.

Stay-at-Home Mom repeats the same duties daily cleaning the house, cooking, doing laundry, cleaning utensils, feeding the baby and taking them to sleep.

#4 Stay – at – Home Mom don’t have sick leave

There are so many challenges Stay-at-Home Mom go through, and one of them is when you are sick.

Working mom get a day off when they fall ill but Stay-at-Home mom you work throughout even if you are sick.

When you are sick kids don’t understand mom is sick and life must go on, and all chores must be done.

There is this interesting pin I came across on Pinterest from someecards.com 

10 The Truth About Being Stay-at-Home Mom

#5 being Stay-at-Home Mom when your kids are at home sucks

Being a full-time Stay – at – Home Mom with children who are not yet in school or children who are below five years and especially if you don’t have money to pay for nanny or house help is tiresome.

You spend the whole day trying to balance to attend to house chores and take care of your kids.

You don’t have time for a break, me time or time to spend with the adults.

At this stage I would say no job that is stressful, tiring and draining like being Stay – at – Home Mom all long day when your kids are at home

#6 being Stay-at-Home Mom when your children are at school is awesome

Being Stay at home mom when your kids are at school is not hard.

You attend your duties without being interrupted, and you have me time

You can go shopping alone and have time with adult friends

You take breakfast and lunch uninterrupted

You have freedom and flexibility

Although parenting has challenges, I would say when you have school-aged kids life is less stressful.

#7 Stay-at-Home Mom get tired

When I was a career woman I would laugh when Stay-at-Home Mom complain is tired. I would wonder what has made her get tired.

Little did I know Stay-at-Home Mom get tired because of attending house chores like picking toys, doing laundry, cleaning utensils, folding clothes and preparing lunch, breakfast, and dinner.

#8 being Stay-at-Home Mom means more activities

After you clean one mess, you go round around another mess. When you are at home with a kid means more cleaning and wiping.

When at home with children you prepare meals more often, so you are washing dishes always.

Kids make more messes so throughout you are cleaning the mess all through.

#9 Stay-at-Home Moms are highly educated and successful women

According to research done by Pew Research Center mom with medical degrees, nursing degrees or other professional degrees are giving up their careers to be with their kids at home or to take care of their family.

 #10 being Stay-at-Home Mom is harder than it looks

When you are a Stay-at-home Mom, you are on the job 24/7. There is no time for sick leave or vacation.

From morning until bedtime you have a duty to attend start from cleaning house, laundry, washing dishes, take care of family, cooking, feeding kids and putting them to sleep.

When you are at home, you are always doing something to meet daily duties.

It is your turn to share the truth you know about being Stay-at-Home Mom in the comment section below.















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