Bored stay at home mom ideas (ways to beat boredom)

According to the study done Stay-at-Home Moms feel emotionally worse off than working moms, most Stay-at-Home Moms are imprisoned at home, repeat the same job, depressed, angry, sad, and bored. With all that said as a Stay-at-Home Moms it becomes easier to feel depressed, bored, imprisoned at home, and useless to society.

Bored stay at home mom ideas

To minimize boredom, depression, and being imprisoned at home you need to keep yourself busy with meaningful activities or projects either inside or outside the home. We have prepared bored stay-at-home mom ideas, tips, and suggestions.

15 Best Bored stay at home mom ideas

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Visit the nearby park
  3. Visit library
  4. Visit the Fitness Club
  5. Go on lunch/coffee/ night date
  6. Visit a friend or relative
  7. Join sports game in your community
  8. Attend church activities
  9. Visit beauty spa
  10. Getting into watching sports
  11. Join free community class
  12. Create me time
  13. Learn something new
  14. Get a hobby
  15. Find fun activities to do with kids

#1. Visit the nearby park

There are many public parks where they don’t charge.

You can go with your children and enjoy the fresh air.

Also, you meet new people and share one or two ideas as your kids are playing with fun activities in the park.

You can pack your lunch and enjoy with your kids.

What you need to know is how much they charge for fun activities for the kids. Some are free others charge.

#2. Go for a walk

go for a walk

Walking is a great exercise. Step out your door and go to any directions that look attractive.

Since you have been in the house all through you can organize your walk in the city. Explore your city and admire the view.

#3. Get a hobby

Find something you love and passionate about is one of the best thing to beat boredom as a stay at home mom.

Most of the hobbies you can do them in your free time when kids are asleep or together with them.

Find out stay at home mom hobbies that can help make money while taking care of your family.

#4. Find fun activities to do with kids

Bored can be killed by having fun activities with kid. You can choose activities that both you and kid will enjoy like reading a story book or indoor/outdoor activities

#5. Visit library

There are free libraries you can visit and learn new things.

 #6. Visit the Fitness Club

Who said that you are Stay-at-Home Mom you don’t need to look fit find a daycare near your place leave your children, visit a gym, sauna, swimming, and other fitness places.

#7. Go on lunch/coffee/ night date

It doesn’t mean that you are with kids at home the whole day you can’t find time to go for a day out. Find a daycare in your home area, leave your children, have fun or talk with a friend.

#8. Visit a friend or relative

Ask your friend or relatives when they are at home and pay them a visit. You can visit your rural home (this for moms who live in the urban area) and spend a weekend or a few days there.

#9. Join sports game in your community

There are games you can participate in your community. Some are there to motivate adult or young people.

Visit your sports ground or ward offices and inquire about how to join. You can join as a participant or volunteer.

#11. Attend church activities

They are so many activities that the church offer to Moms. May it be bible studies, participating in the choir, women seminars and much more? Find church activities that the local church in your area are offering and attend one or two.

Even if you are not a member of that church make an effort and try to attend activities of the different faith as most of them are worth they offer real-life experiences.

#12. Visit beauty spa

Visit your nearest beauty spa and do simple things that will not cost you much like nail polish, oiling your hair or straightening your hair. They will make you relax and make you happy.

#13. Getting into watching sports

If you are a fan of the games, there are community sports field where you can watch a game most of them happen on the weekend.

Visit and watch a game.

It’s an activity you can attend with your children.

#14. Join free community class

Many communities offer free classes on all sorts of topics like family planning, community health, family issues, financial issues, and upbringing of children list is endless.

Most of these classes are provided by the health center in your community free. What you need to know is when the classes are taking place.

#15. Create me time

Most mom wait until the children sleep to create me time but you don’t have to wait until they nap.

Let the children stay in their room play with toys or each other. Let them watch their favorite TV program and create this time as your quiet time.

#16. Learn something new

Every year I find culinary activity or area in my life I need to improve. Like this year I am working on baking skills.

When I have free time I find baking recipe online and bake at home.

Learning something new keep life fresh

Those are my suggestion of bored stay at home mom ideas.

Feel free to share with use how do you beat boredom as a stay at home mom in the comment section below

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Bored stay at home mom ideas

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