Real online jobs for stay at home moms that pays well

After reading thousands of comments from many Stay-at-Home Moms blog and websites I am surprised to hear most Stay-at-Home moms want to work at home and earn. They have declared that their priority is their families, but they want to help financially because of unfortunate circumstances such as medical emergencies and family hardships. Although, Stay-at-Home Mom is a full-time job; it doesn’t come with a paycheck. That’s why I’ve prepared Real online jobs for stay at home moms.

Real online jobs for stay at home moms

These are Real online jobs for stay at home moms


Freelancing is selling your talent to the client in return for money.  All that you need is a skill, create a good profile and mention your strength or the service you can offer best. Freelancing services include:

  • Article writing– If you love writing this job is for you. There are thousands of bloggers who are hiring writers to write content for their blogs or websites. You can check on this facebook page to learn where other writers are getting jobs if you need to be trained you will also get a trainer from the page.
  • Data entry
  • Transcription–  It is listening to recorded audio or video and converts it to a written document. Your job is to listen to video or audio and type it out exactly the way you hear. Read a story of  Sheeroh who is a work at Home Mom who has been doing a transcription job at home.
  • Virtual assistance- I won’t go into details on this but there is this Kenyan lady Mong’are Ludiah who is Stay-at-Home Mom earns money in Virtual assistance job as they take care of their family. Also, the best part she can train you on how to become professional Virtual assistance. Join her FaceBook group world virtual assistants
  • Web Search Evaluator
  • Graphic design
  • Academic writing- This Kenyan FaceBook group (ACADEMIA RESEARCH WRITER (Original))will help if you want to learn how to earn through academic writing
  • Programming
  • Web design
  • Captioning- When you are watching a video there are these words that display on the bottom of the screen explains what the character is speaking. There is this Gentleman David Mbugua Kiongo who does this job so well and offer training if you need to learn.

Image of what is captioning 


Go through a list of Sites where to get freelancing jobs.

Note: every site has its term and condition go through them before signing up.


It’s another best way for stay at home moms to earn online.  Create a simple blog of what you are passionate, you become your own boss and you don’t have a deadline to meets. You only need to find the best ways to monetize your blog such as advertisements, affiliate marketing and selling your products. Read more on how to start a blog and why Stay-at-Home Mom should start a blog.

Buy discounted products and sell them on the online stores

This type of job has become the in thing in Kenya there are so many online sites that are coming up such as, Jumuia, Kilimani Mums (KMU) Marketplace, and others. You only find the product to sell on the online store, create the selling account, upload images and price of your product.

If you want to go international use online stores like Amazon (there is this lady Jessica from was able to take her love of finding discounted products and turned it into a 6-figure Job in just 1 year.

Reading ads

It’s one of the simplest jobs online although many people don’t recommend this method because of low income. What you need is register to the genuine paid to click (PTC) sites. Make money by reading and viewing advertisements for 10 to 30 seconds. All sites are free you don’t require any investment to start earning. Here is a list of best (PTC) sites ClixSense, InboxDollars, NeoBux, BuxP and Paidverts

Research thoroughly for more sites but before you join to make sure it legit. Most paid to click jobs are scams.

Online micro tasks

Online micro tasks there are small jobs online that takes a few seconds or minutes to complete. You earn for completing tasks, and this depends on the length of the job. Such work includes sharing a page, giving a review of a product, creating a testimonial, evaluating for a product, writing a short article, and searching for something on Google and much more.

Websites, where you can find micro tasks jobs and earn from it, are Mturk, Microworker, Seoclerk, Clockworker, and Gigwalk.

Online Surveys

The online survey is where different companies ask for your opinion about their services and products. Their aim is to increase business sales. Although you won’t make a lot of money on this, you can try a few legit companies like

  • MySurvey
  • CashCrate
  • MyView
  • tellWut
  • Global test market
  • iSay

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting products or services using Digital Technology mainly the internet. This is where I get my bread and butter ( I’ll discuss this in another post how to earn money through affiliate market). It’s one of the best online jobs if you have a platform such as a blog and websites where to market your product.

Affiliate marketing is promoting a company, products or services and then being rewarded for your efforts in the form of commission or referral reward. Online affiliate marketing, you create an account on the company website, you are given a special link or a banner and if someone clicks on it and proceeds with a specified action, you receive a specified commission.

There is an Affiliate marketing challenge FaceBook group created by Kenyans who are learning the challenge you can learn one or two things.

You can become an affiliate marketer with companies like

  • Google Affiliate Network
  • Amazon affiliate program
Selling photos online

If you check many professional bloggers and website owners, they use a picture on their websites. What you need is start the website that sells original, copyrighted stock photos. Contact many bloggers, request them if they can buy or market your services and with that people will visit your website and buy photos.

Also, selling African photo online is a green niche few sites that have photos for African.

Also, you can submit your photos to a site like Shutterstock, Istockphoto, and Fotolia once the customer purchases your photo you get paid.

Find out more place you can sell photo online and make money as Stay-at-home Mom here.

Buy sell domain names and web hosting

Here you need to do the research and find good domain names in places like GoDaddy, Flippa, website broker, Sedo or other domain registrars. Buy them at low prices and then sell them later at a much higher price.

YouTube videos

YouTube is one of the common video sharing sites and owned by Google. Most companies use YouTube to advertise their brand, products, and services.

What you need is capture original videos load them on YouTube then later join the YouTube partner program.

YouTube will provide you with the best tutorial guide on how to earn and your videos will start making money when people start watching.

The YouTube Money Making Challenge FaceBook group offers more material on how to upload videos on YouTube and earn money.

Stock & Forex Trading

Many people earn full-time doing online Forex trading. It’s a risky business to start without good knowledge. What you need is good knowledge on how to trade and that information is available internet through some free or paid courses. Also, you need a little capital to start trading.

Also, there is FaceBook group Forex Learners Challenge where members share and you can fine Admin by the name Ole Kimiti to guide how to trade.

Provide training & consultancy

If you have good skills or passion for something, you can create a product either in the form of eBook and start training. Training and consultancy is an evergreen market.

Selling old stuff

Some things in your house are no longer in use. Take a good photo of those items and list them on the sites that sell old stuff.

I’ve listed the top ones feel free to just Google and research for more online jobs. Keep checking this site for more update

Hoping our list of Online money making ideas for Stay-at-Home Moms in Kenya will help you find a good job you can do at home. 

I believe you must have many questions about this so feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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