24 Stay-At-Home Mom Mistakes They Make Every Day (And How to Overcome Them)

Being a stay-at-home mom is a rewarding and fulfilling role, but it can also be challenging. With the immense responsibility of managing a household and caring for children, it’s natural for mistakes to occur along the way. In this blog post, we will discuss some common mistakes that stay-at-home moms may make and provide practical tips on how to overcome them. Remember, making mistakes is part of the journey, and learning from them is key to personal growth and success.

Stay-at-home Mom mistakes

20 Stay-At-Home Mom mistakes

Mistake 1: Spending the whole day in your pajamas and night-dress

It’s good that before you start working, you create time to shower, brush your teeth, keep your hair neat, apply makeup, and dress in neat clothes.

Taking care of yourself will prepare your mind, put you in a good mood at work, and make you more productive.

Mistake 2: You don’t get enough rest

Being at home means multitasking: washing clothes, cleaning dishes, cooking, cleaning the house, and looking after your children, so getting time to relax sometimes becomes hard.

You are forced to work the whole day and the wee hours at night, when everyone is asleep, to beat deadlines.

Don’t rob yourself of time to sleep or rest in the name of the deadline.

Also, rest is good for your health, and it makes you efficient.

Mistake 3: Not sticking to your schedule

Sometimes it becomes harder to stick to your plan if you have a kid who is two years old or younger.

But this is not a good reason for not having a daily schedule. The best thing about children is that they stick to what they know. If they see you working at home, they accept it and make it part of their routine.

Sticking to your schedule helps you achieve your daily objectives.

One of the best ways to make your day successful is to have a good structure.

Plan the duties to attend to each day and even meals; you can have a weekly menu plan.

Mistake 4: Not delegating duties

If you have kids who are old enough to support you on some of the tasks at home, delegate some of the duties to them.

If you have small children, you can ask your partner to help you with some tasks, such as watching the kids while you cook or doing something you enjoy.

Read home responsibilities by age. It will help you learn your kids’ responsibilities from ages 2 to 11.

Mistake 5: Not putting one foot in the working world

great business opportunity for  mothers looking to work from home

Stay-at-home Moms think the only job for them is cooking, taking care of children, cleaning, and other house chores.

The world has changed, and technology has made things easier. There are so many things you can do at home and earn good money compared to working moms.

Like myself, I work full time at home blogging, and I earn three times what I was earning while I was working in an office.

Learn how to start a blog at home and make money.

The importance of putting one foot in the working world is that your husband might lose his job. Also, the living standard is rising, and one salary cannot cater to everything in the house, so it’s good to help your partner.

Jobs you can do as a stay-at-home mom:

Mistake 6: Not taking your job seriously

Now that you have learned there are other jobs you can do at home and earn good money, you need to take your job seriously in order to be successful.

Most moms are lazy in that they are provided for everything by their partners.

If you are not serious, focused, and determined in everything you are doing, it is eventually going to fail.

Mistake 7: Not creating an office space

Home office

Set up a dedicated office for your work, even if it’s a small space at the corner of your bedroom or dining table. 

You can create a small space that has a chair and a small table that looks like a formal office.

A home office serves as a visual reminder to both you and your children that it is time for mommy to go to work.

When you sit down on the sofa with your laptop, you’ll have your child playing all over you, making you unproductive.

Where to create your home office 

Mistake 8: Not hiring house help

I understand that the main aim of a stay-at-home mom is to spend most of their time with their children and attend to housework.

If you have identified a job you can do at home and you are earning money, it is a good idea to hire someone to assist in some house chores.

If hiring house help is not your thing, you can invest in gadgets and tools that will make work easier at home, such as a washing machine, a dishwasher, a vacuum cleaner, and more.

In fact, you can’t successfully grow your career or achieve your daily goals if, at the same time, you are doing everything at home.

If you cannot afford a full-time house, find someone to help with some duties, like general cleaning, once or twice a week.

Mistake 9: Not involving children in exciting activities or independent play

When children break the school for the holiday, we take a break to work since you can’t look after them and work.

If you have kids older than five, you have no reason not to work.

At this age, children are old enough to play on their own, read a book, and watch a movie for one or two hours.

During those hours they are playing, you can stay in your office and work on something.

Also, for babies who are four months and older, you can place them in the baby activity center.

The baby activity centers keep your children entertained while you take care of other things.

Mistake 10: Working at night when your kids are asleep

We encourage moms to work when children are asleep, but not at night. You need this evening to connect with your partner, meditate, read a book, and watch a movie.

Second, you have worked the whole day, and are exhausted, so you are no longer productive. You need time to relax, and this is the time.

According to research, the most productive times are early in the morning and early in the afternoon.

Mistake 11: Not giving some of your time to nurture your marriage

The life of a stay-at-home mom revolves around looking after children and attending to house chores, leaving you physically, mentally, and emotionally worn out to put enough time into your marriage.

We forget that marriage is what makes all those things happen.

Create time to connect with your partner and not work all day.

Mistake 12: Not taking care of yourself

 Woman taking care of yourself

Who said that if you’re a stay-at-home mom, you can’t go out, be fashionable, and be neat?

Sometimes we even have the mentality that we are staying in the house all day; you are not supposed to be smart, so get the hell out of there.

Find someone to leave your children with for two or three hours, schedule time to have lunch or coffee with friends, visit a salon, go to the gym for exercise, go on an outing, and have a night out with your partner.

If you don’t have money for the gym, there are simple exercises you can do at home to keep fit

Mistake 13: Wasting too much time on social media

Spending too much time on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media is one thing that is killing everyone’s time.

As a stay-at-home mom, use those 30 minutes you are spending on social media to update your website if you own one, work on your hobbies or crafts, or nurture your talents.

Mistake 14: Not waking up early

This is one of the secrets of being a successful stay-at-home mom.

Make a habit of waking up early before your kid, preparing breakfast, and taking care of yourself (bathe, have “me” time, and eat your breakfast).

When kids wake up, you won’t have chaos to start with.

Mistake 15: Compare your life to those of working moms

Society has not taken the job of stay-at-home moms seriously, and even as stay-at-home moms, we don’t value what we do. 

We appreciate moms who go to the office daily, so we compare our lives with those of working moms.

When it comes to weighing life, it doesn’t matter whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mom.

What matters is how you are taking care of your family and your life.

Mistake 16:  Accepting too many favors from friends or neighbors with an office job

Just because you are a stay-at-home mom doesn’t mean that you are free to agree to all requests that come from your neighbors and friends.

Many friends and neighbors don’t understand that working at home or doing a stay-at-home job is a real job; they don’t value your time as their own.

Even though you want to maintain a good relationship with your neighbors and friends, sometimes it’s good to say no to those many favors, like looking after their children, going shopping for them, and many others.

Read: Benefits of setting boundaries as a sahm 

Mistake 17: Not having a plan

When you have decided to work at home, it’s good to have a real structure for the day. When it comes to family meals, you can even plan them weekly.

Plan time to do laundry, watch television, wash dishes, go for a walk, and have time for lunch or supper.

When you plan your day earlier, it makes the routine in your house run smoothly.

Mistake 18: forcing yourself to be perfect

Because you are not financially supporting your family, you are not expected to be perfect at all house chores.

If you have a small child, sometimes it’s not easy to maintain a clean house or stick to your schedule.

Also, keep in mind that no one in this world is perfect, including working mothers.

Mistake 19: being ashamed to say you are a stay-at-home mom

How many times have people asked you what you do for a living and you told them you are a stay-at-home mom?

Who said working moms are better than stay-at-home moms? It’s just a mentality that we have, and you might be happier than some of the working moms.

It’s high time you started becoming more comfortable saying you are stay-at-home moms and appreciated the title.

Mistake 20: Feeling guilty you are not providing financially for your family

Nowadays, money has become a valuable part of our lives. We monetize everything, even relationships.

Partners are no longer appreciating their partner for the services they provide to the family but with how financially they are supporting each other.

That is why stay-at-home moms feel guilty because they are not contributing financially.

Appreciate yourself for what you provide for your children by homeschooling and caring for them; you can’t be perfect in everything.

Mistake 21: Not creating friendships with other stay-at-home moms

It’s good to build a relationship with one or two stay-at-home moms in your area. There is a lot that you can share because you are almost experiencing the same life events.

Nowadays, you can use social media to connect with other moms all over the world.

Just make sure you have a connection with one group where you can share ideas and experiences.

Mistake 22: Setting Aside Too Much Time for Chores

Many moms feel like they need to clean their entire house in one sitting which may lead them to set aside too much time for chores instead of spending time with their children or doing something fun with them. The key is finding a balance between.

Mistake 23: Neglecting Personal Growth:

While staying at home, it’s crucial not to lose sight of personal growth and development. Many stay-at-home moms put their own aspirations and interests on hold, which can lead to feelings of stagnation. Take time to invest in your own hobbies, pursue online courses, or engage in activities that ignite your passion. Balancing personal growth with caregiving responsibilities will bring fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment.

Mistake 24: Neglecting Personal Finances:

Amidst the busyness of managing a household, stay-at-home moms may overlook their own financial well-being. It’s important to stay involved in financial matters, even if you’re not the primary breadwinner. Educate yourself about budgeting, saving, and long-term financial planning. Establish open communication with your partner about financial decisions and ensure that you have a safety net and plan for your own financial future.

Being a stay-at-home mom is a remarkable journey filled with joy and challenges. Recognizing and learning from common mistakes can help you navigate this role more effectively and with greater fulfillment. Remember to prioritize self-care, set realistic expectations, avoid comparisons, invest in personal growth, seek social connections, and establish boundaries. Embrace the imperfections and celebrate the incredible work you do in nurturing your family.


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